Gundogan will certainly help Gabriel Jesus to improve his goalscoring record for Arsenal

Ilkay Gundogan could join Arsenal this summer and many have already said about how impactful his move could be. But who would you mention if I asked you to tell us who may benefit more from his arrival?

I bet Gabriel Jesus is the player who could flourish with Gundogan’s arrival. Jesus’ first season at the Emirates isn’t headline-worthy; injuries denied the Gooners the chance to know if he was the right man for their attack.

Since returning from the long-term injury he picked up at the World Cup, the Brazilian has failed to shine leading Arsenal’s attack, and the Gunners have had to rely on other players to get the job done. This has left some Gooners calling for the club to consider recruiting another reliable striker.

While many feel that recruiting another striker is the way forward, which striker does Arteta sign? Top strikers will be costly, and after a blockbuster signing for Rice, it may take a lot of work to pull off a headline swoop for a striker. Arsenal may just have to bear with Jesus leading their attack next season.

But with Gundogan at midfield, Jesus’s form in front of goal may improve. Why Improve? The German’s technical ability is unquestioned, as seen by his ability to play the facilitator role that over the years has seen him at Man City’s midfield, quietly knitting together the play to ensure things remain running smoothly.

With Gundogan, there could be balance in Arsenal’s midfield; Partey or Rice could be comfortable fulfilling the defensive duties and making sure the balls reach him to link up with Odegaard or even feed Jesus, whom they’ve already worked with.

With Zinchenko’s ability to feed the ball to the midfield and Gundogan’s ability to orchestrate an attacking play, tell me why Jesus can’t live up to his potential next season.

Daniel O

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  1. Nope. Gundogan scored many goals, but he made a few assists and pre-assists only

    A physically-dominant attacking partner would likely improve Jesus’ productivity, as Giroud did to Sanchez/ Walcott using his aerial ability, hold-up play and flicks

    Look how Haaland won an aerial duel in FA Cup final to make a pre-assist for Gundogan and how Haaland did it to help De Bruyne scored against us/ Bayern

    1. Disagree, Giroud was class, but Walcott was another player that missed a lot and I believe it was Ozil who benefitted Sanchez as they linked up very well, but you are right about having a player like Giroud wo rarely scored simple goals and Van Djik said he was the most difficult striker to play against

      1. Without Giroud winning and keeping the ball for our diminutive attackers, Ozil wouldn’t have been able to make the assists

        It was similar to De Bruyne’s assist to Gundogan in FA Cup final which was initialized by Haaland and Pepe’s assist to Aubameyang in FA Cup 2020 final which was initialized by Ceballos’ aerial duel win

        1. How many trophy’s did giroud win for us, a prefer a more rounded player than a giant cf as they contribute more to the team. Your obsession with Harland is something I don’t understand, I remember you equally singing Nunez song too but that looked to have slowly died out. We don’t need any striker, defense was what cost us and we better focus on that

          1. @Gundown, Our midfield is the problem,
            Watch how KDB drove through our midfield, Odegaard isn’t fast,nor strong,Xhaka is strong but slow, Partey has to do most of the job, with Saliba it was quite easy to assist Partey,

            Look at City’s midfield, Rodri,KDB,Bernado, Gundogan all fast,strong and skillful,

            Gundogan can’t help our midfield, he’s pasted his prime and obviously has no more motivation,
            In my opinion, we need players like Dominik Szobozlai, Manuel Urgate, Mason Mount’s, they are technical, I’m not sure of Caicedo and Rice, they good defensively but not so technical,
            I hope Arteta and Edu sign players ASAP.

          2. Giroud won several FA Cup trophies for us and I didn’t really want Nunez because I suspected he was similar to Aubameyang

            We scored plenty of goals through our midfielders and wingers and Jesus worked his socks off to defend from the front

            But our defenders would’ve been had easier job if they had an additional tall teammate for the defending set-pieces and if our CF didn’t lose the ball too often

            1. Giroud didn’t win us any fa cups, the people who won the cups were ozil,Sanchez and Santi… Before the season stated you were raving about tall dominant cf that klopp and gadiola got one each, fastfarward now Nunez is now like auba.

              1. Giroud was one of our key players when we won three FA Cups. I was raving about a dominant CF, but I questioned about Nunez’s hold-up play and aerial abilities

            2. So your center forward need to be tall to retain position interesting, and when has centre farward job bacome defending set piece?

              1. We could use our CF to defend in set-pieces if he is tall, as Giroud did for us. It’s just a bonus of having a towering CF

                The one with excellent hold-up ability and high-pressing effort should be our main priority

        2. So why have De bryne been ranking up the assist without Harland, saying that giroud made ozil have more assists was a joke, in fact many thought with a better striker ozil will have far better assist stat

          1. Giroud converted Ozil’s assists into goals more than Sanchez and Walcott did

            Watch how Giroud got involved in the assist creations with his hold-up play and flicks

            1. gai – I think everyone’s gone to bed so you’re going to be lonely and talking to yourself. I’m about to retire now, but I’ll just say this. Although alot of our fans went off Alexis Sanchez, I would put him in my all-time greatest Arsenal line-up, because I think he was an absolutely brilliant player who got results. It’s a shame Jesus can’t be more like him. The year we were runner-up to Leicester (that sounds strange now doesn’t it) he was immense for us. Remember when he scored four at their place when we beat them 5-2 ? Anyway goodnight and I hope someone can keep you company. Maybe Gunsmoke will do his usual nightshift. If he does tell him I’ve left him messages on the Jesus and Saliba latest topics please. Take care.

              1. EvGunner, Sanchez was brilliant. But Wenger’s system helped him a lot, because it focused on the left side where he could cut inside frequently and had Monreal running down the left wing as a decoy

                On the other hand, Jesus played mostly in the CF position to press the opposition high up the pitch and tussle with the opposition’s CBs

                Martinelli is more akin to Sanchez, because he also played on the left wing and had more opportunity to cut inside

                1. gai, I compared Jesus to Sanchez because neither of them are CFs and until MA starts playing Jesus where he should, we will not get the best out of him.

  2. No more pension hunting mercenary please. We’re talking about Rice and Caicedo. Yet someone is hyping 32 year old Gundogan. When will we learn?

    1. Agree with you Gun down. Ozil made around 80 assists over his 3 years with Madrid without a big CF.

  3. First let us be sure Gundogan is coming to Arsenal. The way he is playing, I doubt City and Pep would be ready to let him go and will surely negotiate a new contract with him. But if he comes to Arsenal, nothing like it. He will not only improve Jesus but also improve the overall performance of the Arsenal team, he is a game changer and a match winner.

    1. I think this has always been about contract negotiations, oldest trick in the book is to drum up interest from elsewhere when re-newing a deal.

  4. I think Balogun too should also be considered to lead the line for Arsenal next season. But not only GJesus that should always be thought of to be leading the line for Arsenal. And benefit fro Gundogan’s play if Arsenal become successful to sign him this summer.
    Balogun too can also benefit from Gundogan assists if Arteta keeps him and start him too for Arsenal’s Epl, Ucl and domestic Cup games next season.
    Meanwhile. I wouldn’t want to see Arteta and Edu to sign only Gundogan at the expense of not signing the holding midfielder Moises Caicedo 21 this summer. For, at 21 years old, he can potentially gives Arsenal a very long service playing time in the team.
    And and and, Arsenal should not miss out on James Maddison signing this summer. Even if they succeeded to sign Ikay Gunfogan. They should still sign the regular goals scoring and assists provider midfielder Maddison for options and to cover for. So that Odegaard, Maddison and the aging Gundogan can be the mainstay Arsenal productive midfielders next season in terms of regular goals scoring and assists providing.

  5. We learnt our lesson with Mesut Ozil, who was also very creative until he got his last contract pay off deal. Arsenal are a young improving team, not Dads Army. If he was without age or injury problems why would Pep not offer him a 3 year contract, instead of only a one year extention? It’s because he knows he won’t last that long and would be left paying him huge wages while he sat out his remaining contract on the bench. A bit like Ozil did to Arsenal.

  6. He can improve his goal scoring if he actually worked on holding up the ball at training instead of just falling over and being beaten often.

  7. I now do believe and accept that Jesus is not a natural goal scorer. I have accepted this.
    No one will turn him into one. He had Gundogan at City and that still did not make a difference towards his goal scoring capabilities.

    In my opinion he is a much more talented / skilled version of a Lacazette. Poor striker instincts but very intelligent all round forward player.

    If the likes of Martinelli / Saka / Odegaard etc are scoring about 15 goals a season in tje league then Jesus should be scoring 20+ goals next season. But his CV / history shows he is a 15 goals maximum a season player.

    Can’t see him at 26 years old dramatically becoming a goal machine.

    We will wait and see.

    1. I think it was Henry who said he wasn’t a 20-goal-a-season player, I have seen him miss more than he puts away if he can improve on that, then maybe he will be prolific as a striker, but we do need a 20-goal-plus striker, who I don’t know. Let’s see what signings we get

  8. Ilkay Gundogan is a class player who need robust midfielders around him. The current set up would need to tweak to accommodate him.

    He relies on his intelligence and awareness to be effective not so much involved in the dirty work in midfield.

    1. I disagree – he’s a very good tackler and knows the defensive side to the game very well – has no trouble doing the dirty work. He often plays more offensively for City these days, but he has played as a lone DM for them (extremely effectively) and really is a complete midfielder.
      He might struggle to stay fit if he played a more defensive role all the time but I’ve no doubts about his capability.

      1. Davi- You are right in except one important detail, at 32 Ilkay Gundogan in a midfield with Xhaka and Odegaard will be overrun by the top six out fit.
        Six or ten years ago Gundogan slide in seamlessly.

        Remember how the Citizens were in our face and we were bullied, they were quick and robust, that’s all am saying, he dosen’t have the pace of yesterday but at City he don’t have to.

  9. Stop dreaming he’s not coming to Arsenal if he doesn’t stay at City he will go Barcelona age is not on his side so not going to come to a club that has little chance of winning anything anytime soon!

  10. Not happening.City will give him the contract he wants and Pep his manager/neighbour said he wants him to stay.

  11. Another specious article.

    Something to fill the pages?

    Let’s get Caicedo first, then think about another midfielder.

    I think we will be priced out of the Rice market, and if we do not act quickly when the window opens, we will lose Caicedo too.

    I am sorry y’all but Maddison is not for us. He is just tooooooo slow

    Lets forget about getting a new forward and try Balogun for this season.

    One last comment, is Arteta keeping ESR because he really wants him to succeed, or is it because he is a home grown player, and he will help make up the numbers???

    1. JW – you’re very right about Maddison and I’ve posted about that many times previously hoping that IF Arteta/Edu really might be thinking about him, they should immediately put him out of their minds. He is a bit of a show-pony who is not much use when the going gets tough. He is one of the reasons Leicester were relegated in that when they needed him most he was off skylarking in Nowhere Ville.
      Although I haven’t seen alot of Balogun, it may well be prudent to keep him but also buy a top quality CF who he can vie with. Eddie Nketiah is a lovely lad who I really hoped would succeed but unfortunatley I don’t think he is as good as we really need. For me the jury is out on ESR.

      1. Between Madison and Tielemans that would a very interesting race , if I was a betting man I couldn’t call that one.

        But when Madison goes missing he goes for good, four five games after nothing from the kid, we should not touch neither of them with a long stick.

  12. G – How’s it going over there ? I wonder if MA is going to use Vieira more. We need to seriously think about how we are going to give Odegaard a rest every now and again because it’s going to be a gruesomely long season with alot of games. Trossard could possibly play in his role, but we may need more cover too. What do think ?

    1. Evgunner Evgunner Smith Rowe need to be thrown in,

      Bellingham would walk straight into our team, Smith can be tweaked to play in the same mold, he’s even a cleaner striker of the ball in my opinion.

      We know the gaffer is as stubborn as a mule, so yes he’s going to die with Vieira in his middle.

      But I would like to think the gaffer learned a mighty lot from the last campaign, not least is the rotation, inclusion whatever we calls it.

      The rain stops now and the sun is in all its splendor, did I ever tell you about the sunset in Nigril?

  13. G – Yes you have told me that a few times. Those sunsets are typical all over the Caribbean.
    You know what, there are so many unanswered questions relating to our players and next season, that it’s beginning to turn me fool !
    Questions –
    Is ESR , Balogun, Nketiah, Nelson, Vieira, Tierney in MA’s plans at all ?
    Is he going to get another Odegaard type player as cover or has he got current players in mind ?
    Are we going to buy a CF ?
    Does Rice really want to come and if so can we really afford the fee ?
    Does Saliba really want to stay ?
    Des MA mistakenly feel that Jesus can play CF successfully ?
    Questions, questions, none of which are even nearly about to be answered.

  14. Evgunner am Christopher Columbus alright 🙂

    Am not sure we have the ready # 10 to rotate with Odegaard. Vieira was brought in to slide in that slot when he got his foot properly wet but it hasn’t worked out.

    Balogun- brings with him PR pressure so he’s going nowhere, he will be tested in preseason then a decision taken either he won’t be sold, whether he is thrown in at the deep end or return on loan to further his development.

    Nketiah-he maybe included in some sort of deal as a make weight for incomings

    Nelson- unconfirmed reports receive the kid is on the verge of smiling all the way to the bank, he has been rewarded for that Beaumont classic and to provide squad depth

    Vieira- here is where I have the biggest concern, critics says he’s light weight and his staunch advocate points Silva, he too will tested in preseason, the best option is send him on loan hez standing in Smith Rowe way

    Tierney – is not in the gaffer plan it is as clear as day

    1. Gunsmoke – thankyou for being so thorough in dealing with my questions which I thought had no answers.
      Contrary to what some people believe, Balogun might still have a future with us. I am fascinated to see him play again, at least in pre-season matches. Has he improved as a player ? Hopefully he will be given an opportunity to prove himself.
      As much as I would have liked Eddie to make it at Arsenal, I think it’s been a big mistake to put him on £100k (if that is even true). I have serious doubts that he will be good enough for what we need.
      The same applies to Reiss as allegedly he’s about to get a big payrise. What I would say about him, though, is I think he may be more talented than Eddie.
      Vieira might come good, it’s too early for me to dismiss him they way so many have.
      We should keep Tierney but it seems MA doesn’t want him.
      Sunny here and warming up, I was quite hot and sweating while doing the gardening earlier.

  15. Odegaard- the only person considered in Gundogan , but this area is not a priority, Smith Rowe may get another bite at the cherry.

    Center forward- Yes an attack bully in the form of Vlohovic , I suspect the old lady resolve will be tested in the window

    Rice- is get the feeling he wants to come more than the gaffer may, he’s not the gaffer type of player, but PR/ political pressure could win the day.

    Yes- we can afford Rice £100 mil is set a side to purchase the Englishman, the gaffer has the final say.

    But if Rice is not sign someone else will I expect two midfielders coming in Zubimendi, Lacottelli, Caicedo, reports from the south says Manuel Ugarte is going to PSG so a deal here will expedite.

    Saliba- The kid wants to stay and will, but relationship is strained between him and the gaffer.
    I have never herd the gaffer proudly taking credits for his development, unlike armchair managers, why ?

    Jesus- The gaffer knows the Brazilian limitations, but he has no choice but to play him.
    Let’s be fair he has done reasonably well, we are second and not by a short nose.

    I have answered these questions to the best of my ability.

    Very interesting questions, that really need to be ask.

    Evgunner a think you make some really good postings

    1. Thanks G. I responded to your earlier post. It’s above this one.
      If MA doesn’t know Jesus’ fallibilities by now, he never will. He is no CF.
      If you go to the topic of Man City “cast-offs” as dgr8txt describes them in his article, you will see what he thinks about signing Gundogan and others.
      G I’ve never seen a man so obsessed with age !

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