Three Reasons why Jorginho will be a key player for Arsenal next season

I personally think that the former Champions League winner Jorginho could be a key part of Arsenal’s 2023–24 season if he maintains his brilliant end-of-season form. I’m convinced the Italian has a big role to play at Arsenal next season, and here are my three reasons why:

The Need for Experience and Leaders

Jorginho’s experience and leadership could come in handy next season. The one thing that this young Arsenal team, as we can agree, needs is to be injected with experience. Though we may be too proud to say it, lack of experience cost the Gunners the league title last season, and although most top UK bookies and all the Mightytips betting sites in Nigeria still think Man City are hot favourites for the title, but with more leaders and experience at the Emirates next season, there is no reason why we can’t lay down a big challenge to them. Next season, Jorginho ought to step up. He needs to guide the Arsenal youngsters in tackling the Champions League as some will be playing it for the first time in their careers. He ought to pass down his knowledge of football and mentor the likes of Emile Smith-Rowe and Fabio Vieira among others.

His Ability to Control and Dictate Play with his Calm composure Makes Him one of a Kind

Let’s face it, in this Arsenal squad, other than the Italian, only Zinchenko has the ability to continuously slow, recycle, keep play moving, and demand the ball; traits that are all crucial in big games. In one or two games (like the 2-0 win over Newcastle), he played at the end of the season; we saw him dazzle because of that. With a rock-solid defence next season upon William Saliba’s return, Jorginho could flourish by linking the defence and attack while setting the tempo at midfield. The former Chelsea star will deliver when given minutes, and with the many competitions Arsenal will be aiming for, squad rotation is something many fans hope Arteta will embrace next season. Jorginho could continue to show why Arteta signed him.

For Tactical Tweaks

At times, Arteta may want to play with a double midfield pivot; Jorginho could get a chance then. At times, he may want to just attack and control the game; the ex-Blue may be favoured in such games. In the end, Arteta may opt not to be predictable next season, and it is in that vein that he may need to tap into the experience of players like Jorginho, using them as an example on the pitch to implement new tactics.

Those are the reasons why I feel Jorginho could be a key player next season.

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  1. I won’t even read the article but I will simply say that we need to stop all these Jorginho hype. He’s an old Chelsea reject who they were happy to let go for pittance. All of a sudden he’s going to be a key player for us. At what age? Some ridiculous article sometime ago on this site even suggested he should be a permanent Partey replacement. In my opinion, if not because of available finances, he should be paid off and never allowed into our training ground again

    1. Agreed! He is slow, weak and worst of all only does well when under no pressure. Go rewatch games where he played against a high pressing team and you’ll see him disappear completely.

      He will hold back our development as a team I’d much rather have Azeez in the squad, his talent is unreal.

    2. Wow.
      You are being very over the top yourself. Aint ya?
      You are ridiculing others articles but in the same breathe making ridiculous sensationalistic over the top statements in your comment.

      It’s Ironic. Isn’t it?

      1. I have made valid points. If you don’t have anything to say to counter them (which you obviously don’t), there’s no need to respond

        1. @dgr8xt
          And this is the type of attitude that actually makes me laugh. People are so sure of their opinion that they fail to even have the self awareness.
          You wrote “In my opinion, if not because of available finances, *he should be paid off and never allowed into our training ground again”*
          And you write such a sensationalistic kind of statement but feel like you absolutely nailed it or made a balanced, logical and rational valid point?

          The irony and lack of self awareness is too deep here.

          Label others opinion as ridiculous but then you yourself make such ridiculous statement.
          Please tell me that you detect the irony. Or you are just far too wrapped up into your own self?

          1. Agree. This particular contributor is prone this kind of aggressive response to anyone who disagrees with his views.

  2. It looks as though it might be good to keep Joginho in the squad (if we can find room), but he wouldn’t really be a prominent regular team player this season if we can get our target players installed. Otherwise, I would expect to see him continue filling in for whoever some of our central midfielders are. He’s a decent, very experienced at all levels player who can be effective on & off the field.
    Some supporters have unrealistic expectations over ins & outs and I expect our squad to have a pretty familiar look next season, and among them, who other than Jesus, Zinchenko, Holding & Elneney have Champions League experience?

    1. You said it. We don’t have squad depth like other top teams, and some fans think it’s right to let him go? Nothing needs subtracting from your opinion. Some fans are just so plastic

  3. If we are depending on Jorginho after this Summer window then we haven’t solved our midfield problems.

    If we bring in 2 top midfielders like we need, then Jorginho is a cup game player or can leave for Italy.

    Even if we only get Caicedo or Rice, there still should be minimal game time for Jorginho. If we are depending on a slow 31 year old Chelsea cast-off then we still have problems.

  4. Jorginho will certainly be a key player for us next season. That said, if we add Rice/Caicedo, Jorginho could get more freedom to express himself and also control the game with his abilities. His rich experience in big games will be vital in the CL matches.

  5. All players will be for us next season as the gaffer has learned a great deal how paramount it is for team to practice rotation.

    Surely we won’t overly rely on Jorginho to steer the ship though his contributions should not be discounted.

  6. I find myself, somewhat surprisingly, AGAIN agreeing with dgr8xt and his views on the much overhyped, though useful in the short term, Jorginho.
    To put such a way overhyped, 31 year old player forward, as a sort of Messiah for our team, (as this piece does) next season is IMO, foolish and short sighted in the extreme.

    Judgement calls of course, but I am firmly with those who regard Jorginho, at best, as a short term useful player soon to be phased out as any sort of so called “key player.

    He is NOT of the top undoubted quality needed to ever be a “key player”, IMO.

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